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snuff bottle by Master Zhang Rucai
inside painting snuff bottle first grade
inside painting snuff bottle second grade
inside painting snuff bottle common grade
inside painted flower vase
inside painted screens
Guyuexuan snuff bottle
glass overlay snuff bottle
wooden & bone snuff bottle
porcelain snuff bottle
cloisonne snuff bottle
agate & shell snuff bottle
inside painted crystal balls
Christmas eggs & beads
some new designs

About Yi-Hu-Zhai Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
Hengshui Yi-Hu-Zhai Art and Craft Co.,Ltd. formerly known as Hengshui Art & Craft Factory, is the birthplace of Hebei School inside painting snuff bottles. It is sited in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, which is regarded as Homeland of Inside Painting Arts. Our factory was founded in 1972. It has more than one hundred artisans nowadays. With its own characteristic style of simplicity and elegance, its handicrafts including inside painting snuff bottle, outside painting Guyuexuan, inside painting beads, crystal balls and other handicrafts are well known at home and abroad.

With Master Zhang Rucai as our director, we have developed a wide variety of new items besides our traditional inside painting snuff bottles. Our current major products are classified into three series:traditional inside painting snuff bottles and outside painting Guyuexuan snuff bottle; inside painting crystal balls, screens, vases and other decoration items; snuff bottles in different materials like shell snuff bottle,bone snuff bottle,horn snuff bottle,porcelain snuff bottle,cloisonne snuff bottle,resin snuff bottle,Peking glass,metal snuff bottle, stone snuff bottle and more.

In December of 1990, CCTV shot a televised documentary named A Special Folk Art of China for international culture exchange. Leaders of the State, including former chairman Li Xiannian, Premier Li Peng, Wang Renzhong, Liu Lantao, Yang Chengwu, Li Tieying have visited our factory. They sang high praise of the inside painting arts and crafts and wrote inscriptions as memento.


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