Snuff Bottle Catalog
Snuff Bottle Catalog
snuff bottle by Master Zhang Rucai
inside painting snuff bottle first grade
inside painting snuff bottle second grade
inside painting snuff bottle common grade
inside painted flower vase
inside painted screens
Guyuexuan snuff bottle
glass overlay snuff bottle
wooden & bone snuff bottle
porcelain snuff bottle
cloisonne snuff bottle
agate & shell snuff bottle
inside painted crystal balls
Christmas eggs & beads
some new designs

Guyuexuan snuff bottle:

Due to the difficulty of making, there is few makers of Guyuexuan bottles in China till now. While we are one of the few ones to provide excellent quality Guyuexuan items for you.
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History of Guyuexuan: Guyuexuan originated in Kangxi, Qing Dynasty. It is made by painting on glass rough cast with enamel color and treating it with high temperature. Due to high degree of technology difficulty, only small articles such as snuff bottle, cigarette dish were made in the imperial kiln.

The main difficulty to make Guyuexuan lies in that the temperature of enamel is almost same with the melting point of roughcast. So, the artisan must be able to strictly master the kiln temperature and the thickness of roughcast. To make a piece of Guyuexuan needs dozens of coloring and bluing. With even a little neglect, all the former efforts would be spoiled.

In 1987, we succeeded in producing Guyuexuan series products of snuff bottle, flower vase, ornaments etc. in small batches and thus filled the gap of handicraft market. The foreign businessmen and collectors warmly receive this. We supply Guyuexuan snuff bottle with a wide range of designs.

Mr. Liu Heping, famous for his excellent Guyuexuan works, was awarded Folk Industrial Artist by the UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization and Chinese Folk Artists Association.


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